Another Internet facing website based on SharePoint 2007

...Coming soon - really soon.

Last week we have started realising a new project for one of our customers: an Internet facing website based on SharePoint's 2007 WCM. It would've been 'just another' plain SharePoint 2007 WCM solution, but since we love new challenges here at Imtech ICT Business Solutions we have decided to use our last concept: developing Webrichtlijnen compliant SharePoint 2007 sites.

Since the project has just started we have the possibility to take this extra requirement in consideration in all the custom features we're going to deliver and just get sure it's all Webrichtlijnen compliant.

As far as I know there are no Webrichtlijnen compliant SharePoint 2007 based websites out there. It's extra challenging then to be the first one to prove it is actually possible. As there are many people waiting on the official release of the AKS who do care about accessible and compliant websites, it seems to me a really nice show case for our lightweight compliancy kit.

John (also member of the development team on this project) and I will post our experiences on regular basis so check out our blog once in a while if you are interested in accessibility in SharePoint and the things we have stumbled upon during the project.

And if you're more interested in the toolkit itself: I've been recently invited to give a presentation about accessibility challenges in SharePoint 2007 at Dutch Information Worker User Group on November the 29th. It is supposed to be an interactive session so meet me there if you have any questions and I will try to answer them.