Community Kit for SharePoint: Development Tools Edition

I was not the only one who created and published extensions for the Visual Studio SharePoint development tools. First there was the SPVSX toolkit by Matt Smith, Wesley Hackett and Todd Bleeker. Then, just a few weeks ago, Wouter van Vugt published his cool toolkit on-line. At some point we all noticed that while we could continue creating new extensions individually, the real power was to join the forces.

And that's exactly what we did! To keep a long story short, I'm proudly announcing the Community Kit for SharePoint: Development Tools Edition (CKS:DEV). Our mission is to provide you - the SharePoint community with the coolest and, as Wouter says, the bestest tools that improve the development experience. The first planned release will ship in the beginning of February and will contain all the extensions merged into one SharePoint development toolset. From that we will move on to adding new extensions.

While we're working on the first release, you can check out the CodePlex site of the toolkit. And as we're progressing with the work, we will be sharing the news through the #CKSDEV twitter hash.

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