Increased Performance for MOSS web sites using the PortalSiteMapProvider

While running through the decks from presentations I have attended at Office Developer Conference I have stopped for a moment on the session given by Andrew Connell on Building High Performance Solutions on Microsoft Office Server 2007. During this session Andrew has presented quite a few methods on optimizing the overall performance of a web site built upon MOSS.

One of the items that really took my attention was the increased performance of the Content Query Web Part and best practices on running queries on busy sites. Looking further I have stumbled upon a great article by the MSFT ECM Team on using the PortalSiteMapProvider. The article itself isn't that new: it has been there for almost 10 months. I remember reading it myself a few months ago. Yet having it read once again, after attending Andrew's presentation, has made a few more things clear to me. Definitely worth reading if you ask me.

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