The International SharePoint Conference London 2012 recap

The Conference

Last year I’ve attended the European SharePoint Best Practice Conference 2011. Although in a way I knew that the International SharePoint Conference London 2012 (ISC) would be at least as good, being a speaker in the developer track exceeded all of my expectations.

Throughout the whole conference Steve and his team took care for everything and ensured that we – the speakers, could focus on the content and deliver the best we could to the attendees. I feel like we cannot thank Steve and his team enough for how they have organized everything and how they succeeded in making the ISC the great experience that it was for both speakers and attendees.

Preparing for the conference with the dev team was a unique experience by itself. Never before I had a chance to work on a project with some of the greatest people in the SharePoint community worldwide. Being a part of the discussions that we had about designing the solution and building all the different pieces of it I learned a lot: not only technically but also how different backgrounds and areas of expertise bring different reasoning to designing and building a SharePoint solution.

The Content

Never before the content of a SharePoint conference has been organized the way it has been presented on the ISC. During the three days we have taken you on a journey of building a fully functional SharePoint solution: starting with the requirements to end up in the cloud. Hopefully this unique way of presenting has given you a better understanding on how we – the speakers thought about certain challenges both with regard to designing and building the solution.

In about two months all attendees will receive the post-conference material. In the meanwhile all of our code presented in the developer track is available on CodePlex at The Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Developer Tools extensions presented by Wictor and I on the first day are available in the Visual Studio Gallery at or you can search from the Visual Studio Extension Manager for ‘ISC ’ (the space at the end will narrow the search results). As we speak Wes Hackett of the CKS:DEV team is working on merging the new SPI Templates so that you will get them as a part of the CKS:DEV Toolkit. A new release of CKS:DEV should be available within days so stay tuned for updates.


The International SharePoint Conference London 2012 was a great experience and I’m humbled to have been a part of it. I’d like once again to thank all attendees and the organization: you rocked! I’m already looking forward to seeing you all back at the Evolutions conference that has been announced for April 15-17, 2013.