Learn building modern SharePoint solutions - Dev tutorial in Munich

Coming June 27, 2018 you will have a unique opportunity to learn how to make the best use of the latest Office 365 capabilities to design and build solutions for your organization.

Evergreen Office 365

Office 365 changes, constantly. Every week, we see new updates that vary from small fixes, to complete features. It's hard to keep track of what's possible, not to mention how to make the best use of it in your solutions. You're not alone.

It's not only SharePoint anymore

In the past, when building SharePoint solutions, all you had to consider was SharePoint. Everything you've built, would integrate with the platform as tightly as possible. This is not the case anymore.

When building solutions for Office 365, there are more capabilities at your disposal, that allow you to build richer solutions, but which span beyond SharePoint and require you to understand other workloads, like Azure, Flow, PowerApps or client-side web development. Even if your organization is still on-premises, the recommendations for building solutions are more aligned with the cloud. All, to help you ensure, that you won't be blocked in the future should you choose to migrate to the cloud, but also to ensure, that your SharePoint environment will run as efficiently as possible.

Build modern solutions for SharePoint and Office 365

To help you make the best use of the latest developer capabilities available in SharePoint and Office 365, coming June 27, 2018 Erwin van Hunen, Hugh Wood and myself are going to deliver a full-day tutorial. If you live nearby Munich or can travel, this is a unique opportunity for you to join us for a whole day and learn how to properly architect and build solutions for your organization. We will talk you through the latest capabilities and their considerations, but, what's more important, there will be enough room for you to bring your cases and questions and pick our brain.

About us

Erwin and myself are members of the SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) team, which is an open-source effort coordinated by the SharePoint engineering. SharePoint PnP owns a variety of developer resources: from samples and webcasts to the official documentation.

Erwin manages the PnP PowerShell initiative and is a key contributor to the PnP Provisioning Engine and the PnP Core Component, which are used by some of the largest organizations in the world to provision their solutions.

Myself, I focus on client-side development and have been involved with the SharePoint Framework from its first private preview, building samples, recording webcasts and writing the official developer guidance and documentation.

Hugh is a highly-experienced developer with deep understanding of code quality, security and development processes. He helps organizations optimize their development process and practice so that they can build solutions for SharePoint and Office 365 in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

Together, our experience spans the core technology and all SharePoint versions you would come across when building solutions for your organization and customers. And you get a whole day to ask us anything.

Join us in Munich

Because we want to keep the tutorial interactive and ensure that you have enough time to ask your questions, there is a limited number of seats available. We have some sign-ups already and there are still a few spots left. Sign up today, and we're looking forward to seeing you in Munich!