Last night we launched – the English version of our website.

As we discovered during the planning phase for our new website, more than the half of our visitors were non-Dutch speaking. This was quite of an issue given that all of the content about who we are and what we do was available in Dutch only. This is why we decided to have the most important content on our new website available in both Dutch and English.

It took a while for us to get the content translated but our English site is finally live: proudly presenting:

In one of my previous posts in the v3: How we did it? series I showed you how we designed the .com site and how we mapped the English Variation site to the domain. One really cool feature of our multilingual setup is that both the Dutch and the English site are equipped with a language switch that takes you to the same page that you are looking at but then in another language.

The cool thing about it is that on both sites we’re using fully localized URLs so the URL in Dutch: has nothing in common with the URL of the same page in English:

In the upcoming articles of the v3: How we did it? series I will tell you more about how we planned, designed and built for the multilingual experience. In the meanwhile enjoy our English website!