Mavention Office Graph Query Tester available in the Office Store

Recently I wrote about the different Office Graph solutions that we were working on at Mavention. Some of the solutions I mentioned were already available in the Office Store while some were still work in progress.

One of the solutions that I mentioned was Office Graph Query Tester: an app for SharePoint that we use internally a lot for building and testing Office Graph queries. Last week we published Office Graph Query Tester to the Office Store so that you can test your queries!

Mavention Office Graph Query Tester

Mavention Office Graph Query Tester is a free App for SharePoint that allows you to easily test Office Graph Queries. The results of the query are displayed as document cards using the Delve-like experience.

To simplify building Graph Queries Mavention Office Graph Query Tester contains the following Office Graph queries that you can use as a starting point for building your own queries:

  • Home: Delve Home query (my popular documents)
  • My work: Delve My work query (documents I modified recently)
  • Shared with me: Delve Shared with me query
  • Viewed by me: shows documents you viewed recently sorted by the view date
  • Trending around me in sites I follow: shows documents trending around me located in sites you follow. This is a complex query that you cannot simply modify in the textarea as it’s being executed as a post query rather than as all other get queries
  • Home + viewed marking: Delve Home query extended with showing which documents you have already viewed

To start building Office Graph queries, select a query from the drop-down list and click the Set query button. The selected query will appear in the textarea.

Once you’re ready modifying the query click the Run button to see the results of your query.

We keep working on Mavention Office Graph Query Tester and are planning to add some more queries in the future. We hope that it will help you get familiar with Office Graph and let us know if there are any capabilities or queries that you would like to see in Mavention Office Graph Query Tester.

Install the free Mavention Office Graph Query Tester App for SharePoint from the Office Store