Mavention Walkin(g) Fridge day #1

Today is the first Walkin(g) Fridge day here at Mavention.

The Walkin(g) Fridge day 101

The Walkin(g) Fridge day is a new initiative here at Mavention. The idea is that, once every three months, every Maven gets a day that he can determine all by himself what he will be doing that day. No idea is bad or wrong as long as the Maven is convinced that it will help Mavention in some way. The only condition is that after the Walkin(g) Fridge day, every Maven must present what he has done to other Mavens. Mavens can work on their ideas alone but they can also work in groups. It doesn’t matter if they are in the office, at home or at the sea that day, as long as they are spending that day working on some idea.

Why the Walkin(g) Fridge day?

Mavention is all about passion for your work and sharing knowledge. New ideas are important for us, because they help us do our work better.

In our every days job we all (well almost all) are SharePoint consultants. We are busy working with SharePoint for our customers, and I mean busy. While it’s definitely a great thing, it means unfortunately that some good ideas would never see the daylight. And this is exactly where the Walkin(g) Fridge day fits in.

We are convinced here at Mavention that the Walkin(g) Fridge day will help us be creative and come up with some new ideas that will improve everything around us. Every idea: from a bugfix, a standardized dev environment to an idea for a new product – all of that can help us be better consultants for our customers, better partners for Microsoft and a better organization for the employees.

Why do we call it ‘Walkin(g) Fridge’?

A while ago there was a commercial on the TV, where a guy asked for a walk-in fridge and what he got instead was a robot-like walking fridge. That’s one part of the story. Want to hear the rest of it? Don’t hesitate to ping us.

As for now I’m really excited about the first Walkin(g) Fridge day here at Mavention and I’m looking forward to hear what other Mavens came up with. Myself, I will be working together with Robert Jaakke (SharePoint MCM) on some new cool SP2010 stuff. Stay tuned!

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