Best Practices to create designer friendly server controls

Robert Chen of the Microsoft SharePoint Designer Team has yesterday shared with the SharePoint community some really valuable tips on how to make the custom controls work inside of SharePoint designer.

As long as I’ve been working with SharePoint solutions I haven’t heard even once that a customer would explicitly ask the developers to create controls which he could then use inside SharePoint Designer. It seems like the knowledge about how “proper” controls should work lacks at both customers’ and consultants’. After having read Robert Chen’s article I think that it’s not a matter of selling support for SharePoint Designer as an extra requirement. Personally I see it as a part of quality management: you just cannot deliver something that works partly. SharePoint Designer is a great tool and there are plenty of various scenarios in which it can be used better than anything else. Let us all take care that the custom code we create properly leverages the SharePoint development framework.

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