Presenting at BIWUG on SharePoint 2013 WCM

On October the 9th I’ll be speaking at BIWUG about what is new in SharePoint 2013 for public-facing websites.

What’s new in SharePoint 2013 for public-facing websites

SharePoint 2013 contains many improvements and new capabilities for building public-facing websites. In my session I will show you what those new feature are and, what’s more important, how to get the most of them for building high-quality public-facing websites. Recently we have built a brand new public-facing website here at Mavention using SharePoint 2013 so you can expect all the examples to be backed up by our real-life experience.

SharePoint 2013 Search – Get it running FAST

One of the major improvement areas in SharePoint 2013 is search. In the second session of the evening fellow SharePoint-geek Albert-Jan Schot will discuss how to migrate existing SharePoint 2010 search-driven applications to SharePoint 2013 and benefit of all the new capabilities.

Register now

We will be presenting in Brussels and both sessions will be delivered in English. There aren’t that many seats left so be sure you register on time! See you at the BIWUG meeting in Brussels on October the 9th!