Presenting at SharePoint Saturday Netherlands 2016

Interested in learning how you can leverage the latest developer opportunities on the Office platform? Join us at the SharePoint Saturday Netherlands 2016!

Building Office 365 and SharePoint solutions using modern developer opportunities

On June 11, at the annual SharePoint Saturday Netherlands, I will be co-presenting a session with fellow-MVP Albert-Jan Schot about leveraging the modern developer opportunities on the Office platform.

In this demo-packed session we will show you how to leverage the latest developer opportunities for building Office 365 and SharePoint solutions. You will learn about Angular, React, TypeScript, npm, WebPack and more! It's a must-see session for every dev

Over the last few years Microsoft has been heavily investing in simplifying development on the Office platform. We've come a long way from proprietary development approaches based on WSP-packages and the Feature framework. Today developing for the Office platform can be done by leveraging modern web development frameworks and tools.

In this sessions we will talk about the different tools in the modern web development stack, such as Angular, React, TypeScript, npm, and WebPack and how you can use them to build powerful solutions on the Office platform including Office 365 and SharePoint. This is a must-see session for every SharePoint developer who wants to extend his existing development skills.

Register now for the SharePoint Saturday 2016 and we will see you in our session!