Rock My Website: download winners' code

A while ago John, Martijn and myself have won the Rock My Website competition. John has mentioned this earlier in one of his posts.

We have chosen to develop our project using ASP.NET 2.0. Quite challenging we thought - especially if you consider the automation level of ASP.NET and the amount of code generated by the framework. To reach the desired accessibility and compliancy level we have used various techniques like custom Page class, JavaScript classes and alternative style sheets.

After the competition we have received quite a few questions regarding our approach and the techniques we have used. To make it more transparent for all of you interested in accessibility and compliance of ASP.NET 2.0 based websites we have decided to share the code of our project. As you the competition has been organized and hosted by Microsoft Netherlands. That is why we have chosen to make our code available as a Starter Kit. Unfortunately Microsoft didn't seem to be interested in our solution and didn't really see the added value of the whole idea. Quite a pity in my opinion considering Microsoft's web products are not really known as top-compliant.

Anyway we didn't get discouraged. We have decided to put the project on our CodePlex Project site so you can download it and use our techniques in your projects. The site content and our accessibility statement are both in Dutch. Don't get discouraged by any of these though: feel free to comment our code and ask any questions about it.

Why is this important? Although we haven't used all of the rich functionality of ASP.NET it might give you an idea on how to achieve a high compliancy level using this framework. And because SharePoint 2007 is built upon ASP.NET 2.0, well... 2+2=?