SharePoint Saturday Holland 2014 presentation deck available

Last weekend I co-presented with Albert-Jan Schot at the SharePoint Saturday Holland 2014 on leveraging the new App Model for structured and repeatable deployments.

The presentation

SharePoint 2013 introduces the new App Model for building customizations and extending the capabilities of the SharePoint platform. Did you know however that you could also leverage the new App Model for structured and repeatable deployments?

In our presentation Albert-Jan and I discussed the different approaches to implementing structured and repeatable deployments and what the benefits are of leveraging the new App Model for that purpose. Next, using live demos, we showed how different deployment scenarios could be implemented using the App Model. Finally we wrapped up our presentation discussing the challenges that you are likely to encounter when implementing structured and repeatable deployment in real-life scenarios. Following is the presentation deck from our session:

Leveraging the new Application Model for structured and repeatable deployments from Mavention
Both Albert-Jan and I would like to thank everyone who attended our session. In the upcoming weeks we will both publish a number of blog posts sharing the code samples from our session and explaining their application in structured and repeatable deployments, so stay tuned!

The event

Once again was the SharePoint Saturday Holland a great event and I’d like to thank the organization and sponsors for making it happen and the opportunity to speak: thank you and see you next year!