SharePoint Saturday Munich 2015 presentation deck available

At the recent SharePoint Saturday Munich 2015 I had a pleasure of presenting a session about building contextual experiences with the Office Graph.

The session

Delve helps you stay in the know with what is going on within your organization. But what if you could have the Office Graph also help you get your work done?

I have been presenting about the Office Graph a few times already in the past and this time around I decided to give the presentation a little twist: what if you could leverage the power of the Office Graph in the context of your work? How would the latest technology help you in achieving this?

In the session I gave a live demonstration of how you can use the Yeoman Office Generator to build a Taskpane Add-in that uses the Office Graph and which helps you find documents related to the one that you are editing. To build the add-in I used Visual Studio Code on OS X to prove that with the modern technology and tools you can build Office 365 solutions on any platform.

I supported my presentation with the following slide deck:

Building contextual experiences with the Office Graph (SPSMUC 15) from Waldek Mastykarz

If you're interested in the source code, a while ago already I published a [sample repository on GitHub]( with a similar Office Add-in but then using regular SharePoint Search rather than the Office Graph.

The event

SharePoint Saturday Munich 2015 was a truly awesome event. It's been extremely well organized and had a great turnout. There has been a nice balance between the number of attendees and tracks and the rooms were filled nicely.

From what I've understood it's been a first time that such an event has been organized in Germany. Matthias and Monika did a truly awesome job with preparing and running the event and ensuring that all attendees, sponsors and speakers had a great time.

I am truly honored to have been a part of the SharePoint Saturday Munich 2015 and would like to thank Matthias, Monika as well as all the sponsors for making this possible. I hope we will see more of SharePoint Saturday Munich in the future! Thank you!