A SharePoint solution looking for a problem – the focused href

[Cross-posted from EndUserSharePoint.com] Recently I’ve been playing around with jQuery and some other JavaScript-based interface interactions. And so a couple of days ago I came up with another idea: the focused href.

The idea is simple: you are looking on a large content page in SharePoint: procedure document, article, Wiki, etc. You are particularly interested in one piece of text on that page which you would like to share with your team. How to let them know which part do you exactly mean? Of course you could copy & paste the fragment and mail it to them, but there is another way…

I’ve created a way to highlight areas of the page. Check out the working example: click on the focus link (enables drawing the selection rectangle) and draw the rectangle on the screen. Then click on ‘Focused link’. You can now copy the URL and set it over to your team and they will see the particular page with your selection focused!

Question that Mark Miller of EndUserSharePoint.com and me have to you is: how would you use it? We’ve already have a solution but what is the problem you think it would solve?

A SharePoint Solution Looking for a Problem: The Focused HREF @ EndUserSharePoint.com.

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