v3: How we did it?–the publishing site: implementing user experience

In the previous articles of the v3: How we did it? series I showed you how we built the authoring site that we use for managing content on and Starting with this article we will move towards the publishing site and I will tell you more about the functionality behind the public-part of our new website. v3: How we did it? – The User Experience

Go on: play with the size of your browser window when browsing our new website, see how the layout refloats? Have you opened our site on your mobile devices? Have you opened it on all of them? In this part of the ‘How we did it?’ series I will tell you about the UX choices that we have made to ensure that our new website offers the best experience to all of our visitors.

Building breadcrumbs the way you want it in SharePoint 2010

A while ago I wrote an article about creating breadcrumbs using the Mavention Simple SiteMapPath control. And while I thought that the control would be sufficient to cover the most common scenarios just recently it turned out that the control has one major flaw. Find out how to build breadcrumbs in SharePoint really the way you want it.

Removing Web Parts tables in SharePoint 2010

In MOSS 2007 solutions one of the fixes to get cleaner and more accessible HTML markup was to remove Web Part tables using Control Adapters. Because SharePoint 2010 allows us to insert Web Parts in content there is more to this challenge. Find out what has changed and how to deal with it in SharePoint 2010.