Slightly more accessible Web Parts

Recently, while researching the RSS Feed mechanism of the Content Query Web Part I have stumbled upon the SuppressWebPartChrome Property. As this Property sounds very promising but is not very well documented in the current WSS SDK I have decided to have a further look at it.

Accessibility Kit in MOSS - Is it really accessible?

Mark Harrison has just posted a little notice about the fact that the United Nations office is using the Accessibility Kit with MOSS. Wondering about the result I took a look at the United Nations site.

Which mime-type to use in SharePoint 2007?

Recently I have written an article about the doctypes and SharePoint 2007. My conclusion was that if you're striving to deliver a standards compliant web site built upon SharePoint 2007 you should be using the XHTML doctype. As if delivering an XHTML compliant web site in SharePoint 2007 wasn't challenging enough, there are multiple mime-types which can be used for XHTML compliant web pages.

Accessibility - one web for all

Recently, while gathering materials on a paper on accessibility in SharePoint 2007, I have stumbled upon an article by Roger Johansson about Web standards vs. Accessibility I have read a while ago. And although the article has been written back in 2005, it has opened my eyes on accessibility - once again. Are you sure that accessible web sites don't have to be valid?

HiSoftware has released AKS v1.1

Hi Software has just announced that they have released the 1.1 version of Accessibility Kit for SharePoint which addresses collaborative environments. According to the press release posted at the AKS forum the new version of AKS contains 21 new control adapters for various controls used on Blogs and Wikis. These controls are meant to improve the overall accessibility of a web collaboration environment.