Automatically marking up abbreviations and acronyms in SharePoint 2007

Accessibility is a broad term and reaches way beyond the standards compliant code only. Accessibility is in my belief a set of features improving the understanding of information presented by an information system. I have to admit though compliant and semantic HTML is a very important factor of accessibility as it hosts the information. As I have recently solved the issue of standards compliant HTML in SharePoint 2007 I have started looking for new challenges and accessibility improving solutions. Almost immediately I have stumbled upon automatically marking up abbreviations in content.

Automatically generating a hierarchical Title in element

Recently while working on an Internet facing web site for one of our customers I thought of creating a control which would automatically create a hierarchical Title in the <title> element, like: Site Collection - Current Site - Current Page. Standard SharePoint 2007 allows you to define the title on the Master Page and within a Page Layout. Default SharePoint 2007 displays the Page Title in the <title> element. As I've been recently researching the accessibility issues I have noticed that such a behavior can cause loosing the context - especially if the visitor is vision impaired. Secondly it might cause search engines indexing a page and not linking it to the organization (Site Collection) or for example a division within it (Site). You could solve it using the standard features like displaying the Site's Title using <SharePoint:ProjectProperty> but still it wouldn't provide me the flexibility I wanted it to have. That's why I have decided to make a control which would automatically generate a title based on the existing hierarchy.

PlaceHolderPageTitle is the root of all evil

Recently we have been experiencing some serious problems while working on our newest project. As we needed a customized version of the Publishing Portal template we have made a new version adjusted to our needs. What we needed to do is to reference the customized Master Page and create a default Welcome Page using one of our Page Layouts. And then it's started.