Presenting on SharePoint Saturday Holland 2014

SharePoint 2013 provides the new App Model for customizing and extending the SharePoint platform. Did you know that you can also leverage the new App Model for structured and repeatable deployments?

Mavention Batch Sandboxed Solutions Activator now with support for SharePoint 2013 and the new SharePoint Online

Despite the advent of apps in SharePoint 2013 there are still plenty of valid scenarios for using Sandboxed Solutions. One of the challenges when working with Sandboxed Solutions in SharePoint is, that although you can quite easily upload multiple Solutions to the Solutions Gallery, there is no easy way of activating multiple Solutions if you don’t have access to the server API. And this is exactly where Mavention Batch Sandboxed Solutions Activator for SharePoint 2013 comes in.

Inconvenient backup and restore of Sites with Catalog Connections to different URLs

Using Catalog Connections in SharePoint 2013 offers great flexibility with regard to content reuse within as well as across Farms. Unfortunately, as Catalog Connections are based on URLs, they break if you restore your Site Collections to different URLs. So is rebuilding Catalog Connections the only option or is there a better way to work with Catalog Connections and backup and restore of Site Collections to different URLs?