Removing unwanted fields from imported List Instances using XSLT

In my previous article I showed you how you can import List Instances and their data using the Mavention Import List Instance extension. In this article I will show you how to clean the imported List Instance by removing unnecessary fields.

Import List Instances and their data with Mavention Import List Instance

When working with custom Lists you find yourself often redeploying the List and creating some test data to verify that everything is working correctly. Entering sample data may be fun to do once but becomes rather boring after a few times. Find out how to reuse your sample data in the development process using Mavention Import List Instance.

Packaging dependent SharePoint projects – TFS Build 2010 tip #1

Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Developer Tools make it extremely easy to separate your solution into logical units and yet package them in a single SharePoint Package (WSP). Although building dependent SharePoint projects using Visual Studio 2010 is straight forward, building using TFS Build 2010 produces slightly different output. Find out how to build dependent SharePoint projects using TFS Build 2010 the right way.

Checking which Delegate Controls are activated on your site

Delegate Controls allow you to provide users with pluggable functionality which they can use to extend their existing solution without modifying the existing code. Unfortunately once enabled it’s difficult to track which Delegate Controls are used where on your site. Find out how to check which Delegate Controls are activated on your site using PowerShell.