Debugging Content Query Web Part

Content Query Web Part (CQWP) is one of the coolest web parts available out of the box in MOSS 2007. Using nothing more than the standard functionality you can aggregate content available within your Site Collection. Additionally you can extend the CQWP by introducing new XSLT parameters and functions, what allows you to create pretty complex data presentation including paging.

Inconvenient SPWeb.GetListItem (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070001)

SPWeb ships with the GetListItem method which allows you to retrieve a list item using a URL. While in general you would use the SPContext.Current.ListItem property to get the current list item, there are situations when the GetListItem method becomes really useful, like for example getting the current list item with elevated privileges. There is however one confusing thing about the GetListItem method and if you’re not focused enough, you will spend hours trying to figure out what is wrong.

SharePoint Developer Bookmarklets minor update – Navigation link fixed

The downloadable version of SharePoint Developer Bookmarklets has been updated. The Root Web > Navigation link was broken and has been fixed (thanks for the feedback Greg). The updated version can be downloaded from CodePlex (SharePoint developer bookmarklets 2009.3.8.0).

SharePoint People Search – Lessons learned. Part 2: Programmatically running search queries

In the first part of the SharePoint People Search – Lessons learned article we’ve discussed the basics of configuring SharePoint People Search. We have also looked at how it could be used for a facebook solution and what the shortcomings are. In this part we will explore different aspects you are very likely to face while creating a custom facebook solution based on SharePoint People Search.