Easier working with size-based Image Renditions in SharePoint 2013

By default when applying an Image Rendition to an image, SharePoint references the particular rendition by its ID. And although it works, it introduces a number of challenges. Although you could manually change the ID-based reference to size-based manually there is a more convenient way to get this done.

Using Image Renditions with images from other Site Collections

One of the new capabilities of SharePoint 2013 are Image Renditions. Unfortunately by default the UI only allows you to apply renditions to images from the current Site Collection. And although you could apply renditions to images from other Site Collections manually there is an easier way to do it.

Secure file deleting with Mavention Safe Delete

One of the challenges when deleting files stored in SharePoint is to ensure that there are no links to those files. This is especially important for assets on public-facing websites. And although SharePoint keeps track of links between the different files, it doesn’t do anything with them while deleting files.