Using .NET Custom Attributes for release documentation

During the last Dev Days in the Netherlands I’ve attended to Francesco Balena's presentation on .NET Reflection. It was definitely interesting and it has inspired me to take a closer look at it. After a while I came on the idea of using .NET Reflection for generating release documentation for .NET applications and assemblies. It would once and for all solve the problem of updating the release notes stored in a separate file and getting sure all the changes have been put there.

Imtech C# String Converter (Free .NET Tool)

Once in a while you need to paste one of these long strings into your C\# code. I've set recently a record by pasting an exported SharePoint 2007 RSS Viewer Web Part: more than 400 lines! If it's only once during the solution development it's doable: you could get it well formatted using some Search and Replace with Regular Expressions. But what if you have to paste a dozen of such strings in your code?