#19 Inbox zero is a trap

If your goal is to get to inbox zero or get everything off your to-do list, you’re in a trap.

#18 What are you learning now?

Before you know, weeks or months have passed and you haven’t learned anything new. And it’s a shame.

#17 Getting started

Take some new piece of tech, a platform, product, framework, whatever. Try doing something with it. Unless it's trivial, which more than often is not the case, you will get stuck.

#16 People don't care about your stuff

Well, maybe not as much as they don’t care as they don't live it. They have their own lives, jobs, and concerns, and typically, whatever it is that you want from them is not amongst their priorities.

#15 I'll fix it later

You're in a rush, the code should’ve been shipped already or maybe it’s just a proof of concept that will be thrown out anyway. You'll fix it later