Back on-line

For the past few hours my blog was off-line. The guys hosting my blog had some serious problems with their RAID setup: one of the disks has died. At 2am GMT they have installed new drives and since then were busy restoring the accounts.

My external hard drive has died

Yesterday while researching some SharePoint functionality, my external drive (a Plextor PX-PH12U) started making strange noises all of a sudden. It sounded like it was going to explode. The first thing I thought was getting copied all the things I was working on and closing the Virtual PC. Unfortunately... it simply froze the OS and I couldn't do anything else but unplug the cable.

Documenting the Imtech SharePoint Enhancement toolkit using Sandcastle

Last week I have started documenting the Imtech SharePoint Enhancement Toolkit. The toolkit consists of a module which increases the performance of Internet-facing web sites built upon SharePoint 2007 and a module which addresses accessibility and standards compliancy related issues - also in SharePoint 2007 based Internet-facing web sites.

Waldek Mastykarz is now 70-542 certified

Last Friday I have taken the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Application Development (70-542) exam and passed it with a nice 100%!