Provisioning List Instance data using PowerShell

Recently I showed you how you can import List Instances and their data to your SharePoint Project so that you can reuse test data during the development process. If however creating test Features is too much work for you and you are more of a PowerShell guy this article might be just the right thing for you. Find out how to provision List Instance data using PowerShell.

Checking which Delegate Controls are activated on your site

Delegate Controls allow you to provide users with pluggable functionality which they can use to extend their existing solution without modifying the existing code. Unfortunately once enabled it’s difficult to track which Delegate Controls are used where on your site. Find out how to check which Delegate Controls are activated on your site using PowerShell.

Enable Developer Dashboard for anonymous users

SharePoint 2010 contains Developer Dashboard which can be invaluable in optimizing custom solutions for performance. By default the Developer Dashboard is visible only to authenticated users, but sometimes you might want to show it to anonymous users as well. Sounds insane? Find out why you would want it and how to do it.