Building Enterprise Solution Catalogs in SharePoint 2010

Enterprise Solution Catalogs are a great way of delivering solutions to your end users. Find out how to build an Enterprise Solution Catalog for your company by leveraging the extensibility capabilities of the SharePoint 2010 platform.

Modifying views of a List View Web Part in a Sandboxed Solution

In my recent article I showed you how to declaratively provision List View Web Parts to pages from within a Sandboxed Solution. Since the default view is often not what you want and creating a List Definition just to get the right view for the List View Web Part is way too much overhead, what is the easiest approach to modify a view of a List View Web Part in a Sandboxed Solution?

Inconvenient provisioning Web Parts to Wiki Pages in Sandboxed Solutions

Sandboxed Solutions are a powerful way to create SharePoint 2010 Solutions in a secure manner. The price of security however is limited access to the SharePoint API which makes it challenging to accomplish certain tasks like provisioning Web Parts to Wiki Pages. Find out how to provision Web Parts to Wiki Pages in Sandboxed Solutions.

Easier using widgets in SharePoint 2010 with the Mavention Widget Web Part

In my previous article I explained why using widgets in SharePoint 2010 is inconvenient and showed what you can do to make it easier using the standard functionality. In this article I’ll show you how you can simplify working with widgets even further using the Mavention Widget Sandboxed Web Part.

When to use which Web Part template?

If you have used the Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Developer Tools you have probably noticed that there are multiple SharePoint Project Item Templates to create Web Parts from. Find out which of them make the most sense in what scenarios.