When to use which Web Part template?

If you have used the Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Developer Tools you have probably noticed that there are multiple SharePoint Project Item Templates to create Web Parts from. Find out which of them make the most sense in what scenarios.

Using SPContext.Current is no guarantee for great performance

It is a common best practice, while working with the SharePoint server API, to always use context objects whenever possible. Because they have been already instantiated by SharePoint itself, reusing context data doesn’t cause additional calls to the database and allows you to create good performing solutions. However, just because you use SPContext.Current in your code, doesn’t mean your solution is built properly.

Mavention SharePoint 2010 Site Checker Windows Phone 7 app available now

Recently, here at Mavention, we published Mavention SharePoint 2010 Site Checker – a set of automated tests that allows you to scan your Internet facing website built on the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform for common issues. Just now Mavention SharePoint 2010 Site Checker has become available as a Windows Phone 7 app.