First 100% Webrichtlijnen (WCAG 1.0 Priority 2+) compliant SharePoint site - almost there

As I have recently mentioned, here at Imtech ICT Business Solutions we are busy with first 100% Webrichtlijnen compliant Internet facing web site based on SharePoint 2007. Earlier this week we have finished the development en begun testing the solution. Yes, we have discovered a few undocumented features which we have immediately resolved. Anyway testing for compliancy with the Dutch government's guidelines was a serious part of this project and it was my job to achieve this goal.

Inconvenient StringToSPViewType (Programmatically adding Views)

I've just stumbled upon a little inconvenience within SharePoint object model. As I needed to programmatically add a new View to a list, I have used the StringToSPViewType method of SPViewCollection class to convert a string representation of the view type to its SPViewType equivalent. Unfortunately all what I've got was an Argument Exception: Value does not fall within the expected range. Using the Lutz Roeder's Reflector I've taken a look into the assembly and I've found the reason of this problem.

PlaceHolderPageTitle is the root of all evil

Recently we have been experiencing some serious problems while working on our newest project. As we needed a customized version of the Publishing Portal template we have made a new version adjusted to our needs. What we needed to do is to reference the customized Master Page and create a default Welcome Page using one of our Page Layouts. And then it's started.