Inconvenient provisioning Web Parts to Wiki Pages in Sandboxed Solutions

Sandboxed Solutions are a powerful way to create SharePoint 2010 Solutions in a secure manner. The price of security however is limited access to the SharePoint API which makes it challenging to accomplish certain tasks like provisioning Web Parts to Wiki Pages. Find out how to provision Web Parts to Wiki Pages in Sandboxed Solutions.

Easier using widgets in SharePoint 2010 with the Mavention Widget Web Part

In my previous article I explained why using widgets in SharePoint 2010 is inconvenient and showed what you can do to make it easier using the standard functionality. In this article I’ll show you how you can simplify working with widgets even further using the Mavention Widget Sandboxed Web Part.

Inconvenient using widgets in SharePoint for end users

It’s a common approach to use widgets to enrich web solutions. Unfortunately using widgets with SharePoint 2010 has a number of challenges. Find out why using widgets with SharePoint is inconvenient and how you can simplify it.

Better content targeting with Mavention Negated Audiences

One of the frequent challenges when working with Audiences is the inability to provide alternative content to users outside the Audiences to which the content is targeted. Find out how to prevent pages from getting blank with Mavention Negated Audiences.