Automatically copying assemblies and symbols of dependent projects

Using the new Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Developer Tools you can package your SharePoint components into WSPs with just a few mouse clicks. And although it allows you to get productive and focus on the real work, this process has some limitations like not copying dependent assemblies to the output directory.

Inconvenient Excel REST Services and anonymous users

SharePoint 2010 ships with Excel REST Services that allow us to request pieces of Excel Sheets using a URL. Unfortunately things get pretty complicated when you try to make Excel REST Services available to your anonymous visitors. Find out how to deal with Excel REST Services and anonymous users.

Multi-page forms with the SharePoint Scenario framework

Splitting long forms into multiple pages is a great idea from the usability point of view. The downside is that it requires you to create some sort of mechanism of persisting the data between the pages. The good news is that SharePoint 2010 provides you with a framework for that particular purpose. Find out how to create multi-page forms with the SharePoint Scenario framework.

Web Parts in content with Master Pages without the form tag? No problem!

Removing the form runat=server tag from the Master Page is one of the ways to optimize Internet-facing websites built on the SharePoint 2010 platform. Unfortunately it also means losing some functionality such as Web Parts in content. Find out how to combine minimal Master Page markup with Web Parts in content.