Filling forms using data from EntityPicker aka EntityPicker with Callback

Windows SharePoint Services v3 ships with many controls that simplify entering data. One of such controls is the EntityPicker which allows users to search for data and then select the desired record(s). Not only is the EntityPicker very intuitive but also highly extensible. Did you know that you can extend the EntityPicker to make it fill the list form using the data from the entity that you picked?

Visual Studio temporary projects

Does ConsoleApplication87 sounds familiar to you? If so, I’ve got some great news for you – a tip that will help you keep your disk clean of all the test code that you check out.

Community Kit for SharePoint: Development Tools Edition

I was not the only one who created and published extensions for the Visual Studio SharePoint development tools. First there was the SPVSX toolkit by Matt Smith, Wesley Hackett and Todd Bleeker. Then, just a few weeks ago, Wouter van Vugt published his cool toolkit on-line. At some point we all noticed that while we could continue creating new extensions individually, the real power was to join the forces.

Imtech Get SPMetal Definition Extension – Now with support for Lists!

A few weeks ago I published an extension for the new Visual Studio SharePoint development tools that simplifies working with SPMetal. Upon installation the extension adds a menu to every Site node in SharePoint Explorer. Using that menu option you can generate the SPMetal definition just as if you would use the SPMetal command line interface itself.