Extending Visual Studio SharePoint development tools with custom Project menu options

SharePoint 2010 ships with a great development story. Using the new Visual Studio SharePoint development tools you can create SharePoint solutions easier and faster. Visual Studio SharePoint development tools provide you out of the box with a great number of Project and Item Templates which allow you to create the most commonly used SharePoint artifacts. Using the new SharePoint Server Explorer you can explore all the different objects within your Site Collection and using the Validation Rules and Deployment Steps you can package your work into a WSP package and deploy it to your server with a single mouse click. Yet I think that the most exciting part about the new Visual Studio SharePoint development tools is the extensibility, because the possibilities are almost limitless.

Web Content Management in SharePoint Server 2010

SharePoint Server 2010 ships with a rich set of functionality for developing Web Content Management solutions. Some of this functionality has been crafted specially for SharePoint Server 2010 but some of it is being reused from the SharePoint Foundation 2010.

Meet me @ Tech·Ed Europe 2009

I’ve just got confirmation from Microsoft: I will be at the Technical Learning Center (TLC) booth at Tech·Ed Europe 2009. Together with some fellow MVPs I will be answering all your SharePoint questions.

Extending Lookup Fields with “Add new item” option

How many times were you working with Lookup Fields and just when you were about to pick a value, you found out that it’s not there. How many clicks did you have to make to get to the Lookup List, add the new Lookup Item, get back to where you were first and add your item? While it sounds trivial, it’s the only way things can be done in out of the box SharePoint. You could of course create a whole new Custom Field Type which would contain an “Add new item” link, but there is an easier way to get this done.