Slightly more accessible Web Parts

Recently, while researching the RSS Feed mechanism of the Content Query Web Part I have stumbled upon the SuppressWebPartChrome Property. As this Property sounds very promising but is not very well documented in the current WSS SDK I have decided to have a further look at it.

SharePoint wallpapers

SharePoint wallpapers - definitely a must-have for every SharePoint developer out there.

SharePoint licensing

Matt Groves has just posted detailed information on costs of various SharePoint licenses. Although a bit difficult to read and to compare due to lack of formatting, it is definitely a very useful piece of information.

Inconvenient Content Editor Web Part

The Content Editor Web Part (CEWP) shipped with SharePoint 2007 is just one of these ordinary Web Parts: they don't introduce any extraordinary functionality, yet we all use them in our solutions for some reason. Because this Web Part is all about displaying the Rich Text you have entered, you might think, that it is almost impossible to mess that up. Unfortunately...