Increased Performance for MOSS web sites using the PortalSiteMapProvider

While running through the decks from presentations I have attended at Office Developer Conference I have stopped for a moment on the session given by Andrew Connell on Building High Performance Solutions on Microsoft Office Server 2007. During this session Andrew has presented quite a few methods on optimizing the overall performance of a web site built upon MOSS.

SharePoint disposable objects unmystified

Recently two great articles on dealing with SharePoint 2007 disposable objects have been published. The first one called Dealing with Memory Pressure problems in MOSS/WSS by Stefan Goßner presents the memory issues in general together with a few solutions on how to deal with them.

Export List Definition - free StsAdm command

In one of my previous blogs I have mentioned that there is a serious problem if you want to develop SharePoint 2007 solutions using Visual Studio 2008: SharePoint Solution Generator (SSG) doesn't work on such an environment. Personally I use SSG quite a lot while working with custom lists: I can configure the list using the SharePoint GUI and then extract its definition and incorporate it in my Solution.

Inconvenient SharePoint 2007 localization

SharePoint 2007 has built-in support for Resource files helping you achieve localization. Using these files you are able to set localized labels for the resources being provisioned. Furthermore you are able to use Resource files within your assemblies to support localization on run time. Yet there is something wrong with localization in SharePoint 2007...

Exporting List Definitions in a development environment using Visual Studio 2008

Visual Studio 2005 extensions for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (VSeWSS) ship with a useful tool called SharePoint Solutions Generator. One of its features I use most often is creating a List Definition based on an existing list. Since the CAML schema of a list isn't really straight-forward - especially if the list uses complex settings and multiple custom views it's almost undoable to create such schema manually. Another possibility could be using List Templates instead of List Definitions. List Templates are unfortunately impossible/difficult to customize and should be used, in my opinion, in SharePoint configuration scenarios when there is no other choice. SharePoint Solution Generator comes very useful if you want to work with List Definitions but you don't want to type all the CAML yourself.