You installed a Visual Studio extension and it doesn’t work…

Visual Studio 2010 ships with a great extensibility functionality allowing you to write and deploy new extension in a very easy way. However, if you’re a SharePoint developer there is one thing to keep in mind while installing new extensions.

Creating new files – Extending Visual Studio SharePoint development tools tip #5

It’s probably one of the most obvious types of extensibility – to generate files out of content existing in a SharePoint Site. There are many examples already there available either in SharePoint Designer or the Visual Studio SharePoint development tools. Still there are many things yet to be created. Knowing how to programmatically create a new file in Visual Studio, is the basic thing that you need to know how to do, before you get started with your own extensions.

Extending generic folder nodes – Extending Visual Studio SharePoint development tools tip #4

Generic explorer nodes, like the Features or the Content Types node, weren’t really made to be extended. After all, all they do is to wrap the “real” nodes, so that using the SharePoint Explorer is easier and better performing. Still, there might be situations, when you could want to add some extra functionality to a generic folder node like for example displaying Content Types in groups or grouping Features in Enabled and Disabled.