Google's custom 404 widget

I've just found out that Google has released a custom 404 widget. The idea is to improve the experience of 404 pages and instead of telling the user that he or she is lost, provide him with something he could really use.

WordPress Stats Vista Sidebar Gadget v1.0.0.0

But I have noticed that there is another page I visit daily: the visitors statistics of this blog. There are a couple of reasons why I'm interested in the numbers. First of all I'm writing about different subjects. While this blog is mostly SharePoint focused, once in a while I publish something else than that. I'm really curious how my audience receives that information and whether only people involved with SharePoint visit this blog. Secondly I both write and create tools. Tracking the number of visits and some other details helps me to determine what kind of content my audience - you like. Anyway, in order to gather that and some other data, I visit the stats page as provided by WordPress Stats.

SharePoint developer bookmarklets updated

Recently I've been working quite intensively with the SharePoint developer bookmarklets. SharePoint is really infamous of way too many clicks required to accomplish various things. Having shortcuts to the most commonly used functionality within one click saves really a lot of time.

Manage Checked Out Publishing Pages (OCDCheckedOutPages StsAdm command)

Structured and repeatable deployment of SharePoint solutions is very important for preserving scalability and maintainability of the solution. Furthermore it allows you to keep track of the deployed components what is very important if you want to provide your customers with support for your solution.