Rating content for anonymous users with Mavention Anonymous Rating

Allowing users to rate your content is a great way of capturing feedback. SharePoint 2010 ships with the rating capability, which unfortunately at this moment doesn’t support rating by anonymous users. And this is exactly where Mavention Anonymous Rating comes in. Find out how to allow anonymous visitors to rate your content with Mavention Anonymous Rating.

Inconvenient Excel REST Services and anonymous users

SharePoint 2010 ships with Excel REST Services that allow us to request pieces of Excel Sheets using a URL. Unfortunately things get pretty complicated when you try to make Excel REST Services available to your anonymous visitors. Find out how to deal with Excel REST Services and anonymous users.

Web Parts in content with Master Pages without the form tag? No problem!

Removing the form runat=server tag from the Master Page is one of the ways to optimize Internet-facing websites built on the SharePoint 2010 platform. Unfortunately it also means losing some functionality such as Web Parts in content. Find out how to combine minimal Master Page markup with Web Parts in content.

Prefetching SharePoint search results

Prefetching content allows users to access it more quickly what improves the user experience. Find out how to prefetch SharePoint search results and cut down your users’ waiting time.

Inconvenient caching dynamically generated files in BLOB cache

Caching files using BLOB cache is a great performance improvement in SharePoint 2010 Web Content Management solutions. Unfortunately it turns out, that if your files are dynamically created, they are not being cached by BLOB cache. So is creating a custom caching solution the only option to have a good performing solution?