Configuring SharePoint 2010 Rich Text Editor to allow ‘Paste plaintext’ only

Recently I wrote an article how you can configure the SharePoint 2010 Rich Text Editor (RTE) to better support consistent content authoring. Shortly after I published the article, I got a question how to force the RTE to allow the content editors to paste content only as plain text removing all formatting. From the consistency point of view this is a great deal especially if RTE is not your primary text editor and you’re pasting the content from another text editor. So how do you configure the SharePoint 2010 Rich Text Editor to allow pasting content only as plain text?

How we did it: – Part 3: Search Engine Optimization

A few days after we launched our new website I used my favorite search engine to do a search on one of my fellow-Mavens. I was really surprised to see that in just a few days the first result came from our brand new website! So what is it exactly that we did that gave us such great results in such a short time?

How we did it: – Part 2a: Dealing with minified files

In the previous part of the How we did it series about our new website I told you about how we optimized our website for performance. One of the optimization techniques that we applied was minifying asset files such as CSS and JavaScript. While minification allows you to decrease the size of files it has one serious disadvantage: it often makes them unreadable. So how did we deal with it?

Spaarne Ziekenhuis Case Study has been published

Last year we created a brand new website for Spaarne Ziekenhuis – a full-service medical center here in the Netherlands. For the last few months we’ve been working together with Spaarne and Microsoft to publish a Case Study around the solution. Today the Case Study has been published and is available on the Microsoft Case Studies website at .