Imtech Style Library Extension

The Imtech Style Library Extension has been inspired by the Imtech Master Pages and Page Layouts Extension. The edit functionality that it provides has been something that I have used a lot while working with developing SharePoint solutions on SharePoint 2007. For the last few years I’ve been working almost exclusively on Web Content Management (WCM) solutions. One thing that I’ve been editing perhaps even more than Page Layouts and Master Pages were the XSLT files used by the Content Query Web Part (CQWP). Looking at the enhancements of the CQWP in SharePoint 2010 I will be very likely using it heavily as well. To make working with these XSLT files easier, I decided to create an extension for the Visual Studio SharePoint development tools that would allow to view and edit the contents of the XSL files used by the CQWP.

Imtech Master Pages and Page Layouts Extension

In the last few posts I wrote about the Visual Studio SharePoint development tools and showed you a few cool things that you can achieve using the extensibility API provided with the tools. The extensions I previously showed you, allowed you to explore SharePoint objects or generate items out of it. But did you know that using the new Visual Studio SharePoint development tools you can also create extensions that will allow you to edit SharePoint objects?

Imtech Create Page Layout Content Type Extension

Generating Page Layouts from Content Types was one of the functionalities of Imtech Fields Explorer – a tool that I’ve built for MOSS 2007. With the new Visual Studio SharePoint development tools there is no need for yet another tool in your toolbox. Imtech Fields Explorer will eventually be fully integrated in the SharePoint Server Explorer.

Web Content Management in SharePoint Server 2010

SharePoint Server 2010 ships with a rich set of functionality for developing Web Content Management solutions. Some of this functionality has been crafted specially for SharePoint Server 2010 but some of it is being reused from the SharePoint Foundation 2010.

From /Press-Releases/Pages/Press-Release.aspx to /Press-Releases/Press-Release – URL’s for your SharePoint site - 4 steps with IIS7 URL Rewrite mo

We all know Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 Web Content Management (WCM) solutions for their Pages URL’s. Purist web designers/developers hate SharePoint not only for the fact that it’s injecting something into URL’s but mostly for the inability of changing anything about it. And while many people think that SharePoint and semantic URL’s just don’t play along, it turns out that there is a solution – one that doesn’t involve a single line of custom code.