Which mime-type to use in SharePoint 2007?

Recently I have written an article about the doctypes and SharePoint 2007. My conclusion was that if you're striving to deliver a standards compliant web site built upon SharePoint 2007 you should be using the XHTML doctype. As if delivering an XHTML compliant web site in SharePoint 2007 wasn't challenging enough, there are multiple mime-types which can be used for XHTML compliant web pages.

CopyUtil.aspx and Publishing Sites

Recently Jan Tielens has presented on his blog the CopyUtil.aspx SharePoint application page. What this page does is it allows you to build up a link to a List Item using nothing but ID's (Site id if linking to another Site Collection, Web id, List id and List Item id). As Jan described in his article: this page gets very useful while working with SPSiteDataQuery which returns standard all the id's mentioned above! As we're just working with the SPSiteDataQuery at Imtech, I have decided to research both items further to see what is there inside for us.

Variations and the natural language of a page

Defining the natural language of a web page is very important: it allows assistive technologies like screen readers to read the content of a web page out loud using the right accent en pronunciation. In (X)HTML you can define the natural language both for the whole page and particular elements using the lang and xml:lang attributes. As marking a particular fragment of text with a different language isn't really difficult and can be done by the end users, setting the natural language of the whole page dynamically in SharePoint is challenging and must be implemented by developers.

Increased Performance for MOSS web sites using the PortalSiteMapProvider

While running through the decks from presentations I have attended at Office Developer Conference I have stopped for a moment on the session given by Andrew Connell on Building High Performance Solutions on Microsoft Office Server 2007. During this session Andrew has presented quite a few methods on optimizing the overall performance of a web site built upon MOSS.

Which Doctype to use with SharePoint 2007?

Designing and developing accessible web sites on top of SharePoint 2007 gets more and more attention in the community. But the more developers try to reach the required accessibility or standards compliancy level, the more challenges they face and the more questions pop up. One of such questions is which doctype should be used for standards compliant and accessible web sites.