SharePoint RTE breaks in IE8 when in editing mode

Since a couple of days I’m working on a brand new Web Content Management solution on MOSS 2007. For the first time I’ve started off using Internet Explorer 8. Considering the changes the IE team has made to the DOM rendering I wasn’t surprised when I saw that some of the SharePoint functionality doesn’t work properly in IE8.

Why tables for layout is stupid?

Yesterday I asked you a question: should I use tables for layout? In 99% cases the right answer is of course ‘No’ and in 1% ‘It depends’. In case you’re surrounded by a bunch of guys still stuck to the tables, I’ve found a great resource which might help you explain it to them: Why tables for layout is stupid?

Should I use tables for layout?

I’ve just stumbled upon a new campaign called: “Give up and use tables”. Two guys: Todd A and Brian Matthews seem to be tired of wasting their time on making things work CSS. Instead they suggest using tables and even offer to provide you with the HTML code you need. To make it even better they provide a little app: a counter which measures how much time you already spent on making CSS work. Should you really be using tables for layout?

WCAG 2.0: Preparing for tomorrow

Via Roger Johansson: Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) has been working on the new version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) for a couple of years now. Just recently the WCAG 2.0 version has advanced to the W3C Proposed Recommendation status. To simplify the migration process WAI has posted some documentation. Check out Roger’s article Going from WCAG 1.0 to WCAG 2.0 for more information.

Internet Explorer 8 will support AJAX page navigation

The IE team has recently announced that they have made a few AJAX improvements in the newest version of Internet Explorer. One of such improvements is support for updating the navigation log through AJAX. So when your application uses intensively AJAX to enhance the User Experience, you can still leverage the native browser navigation mechanism by updating the navigation log information.