WCM tip #25: Optimize your authoring and publishing experience with Device Channels

Using Device Channels in SharePoint 2013 you can separate your authoring and publishing experience. This will allow you to optimize your public-facing website for visitors and search engines without losing any of the standard content management capabilities of SharePoint 2013.

Device Channels in SharePoint 2013 allow you to define a number of content presentation and publishing channels. For each channel you can specify which Master Page you want to use for presenting the content. Additionally, using Device Channel Panels you can control which content is published on each channel. Although initially designed for optimizing publishing SharePoint portals for mobile devices, Device Channels can be perfectly used to separate how you author your content from how you publish it.

By creating a separate channel for content authors and a separate one for your visitors you can provide both groups of users with optimized experiences. For content authors you can include additional tools such as tips and previews that will make it easier for them to create and manage content.

You can use device channels to separate authoring and publishing. Beware that by default device channels are accessible to everyone so you might want to disallow anonymous users from switching.