5 Great SharePoint sessions you can’t miss

5 Great SharePoint sessions you can’t miss

SharePoint Mythbusters: Debunking common SharePoint Farm Misconceptions - Spencer Harbar This interactive session will dive into common SharePoint Farm Myths and discuss common misconceptions around Global Deployments, Farm Topologies, Shared Service Providers, High Availability, Security and more. Alongside best practices for each “myth”, the SharePoint “magic numbers” will be covered and there will be plenty of scope to discuss any particular queries you may have on farm deployment

Best Practices for Virtualization with Hyper V and SharePoint - Bob Fox In this presentation I am going to give an overview of Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper Virtualization Technology with a strong emphasis on how to leverage using SharePoint in a Virtual Environment. Some of the topics covered: - Hyper V What is it - Hyper V what are the benefits - Hyper V What you need to know - Hyper v How to implement (Demo) - Hyper v How do I deploy my SharePoint environments (Demo) - Hyper V Recommendations and take away info

Kerberos part 1: No ticket touting here. Does SharePoint add another head? - Spencer Harbar and Bob Fox This session will provide an overview of Kerberos and the benefits it offers in a SharePoint 2007 deployment including: Discussion of whether your SharePoint deployment needs Kerberos. A tour of the required pre-requisites and configuration settings. Best Practices for automating configuration in a SharePoint Farm. Best Practices for diagnosing common configuration errors

Kerberos part 2: advanced scenarios and additional considerations - Spencer Harbar and Bob Fox This second Kerberos session will provide an example, end to end scenario with MOSS, Excel Services and 3rd Party applications, and dive into additional troubleshooting and auditing best practices, known issues and workarounds, including Q&A/Discussion. This session is part two of a two part session. Part two assumes attendees are familiar with the concepts presented in part one.

Why SharePoint Application Pages? - Robin Meuré When you are developing custom solutions on top of SharePoint you often need a page (or maybe even more) in Central Admin where you can configure your solution. And of course you want to this page to look like a SharePoint page and probably you also want to use the SharePoint controls because, if you are like me, you are a lazy developer and don’t want to reinvent the wheel over and over gain. Aside to settings the configuration you are also interested in how to store your configuration.

SharePint - SharePoint by day, SharePint by night

Additionally there will be a SharePint after the event so you will have the opportunity to meet a lot of great people involved with the Dutch SharePoint community and either talk geek or just hang around with some drinks. Before you attend: don’t forget to register at SDN.nl. See you there!

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