Tips and best practices for customizing Office 365 and SharePoint by Waldek Mastykarz - Microsoft MVP and Head of Product at Rencore

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Optimize Azure Search for blog

Azure Search is a great way to allow your visitors to search in your content. And if you have a blog, there are two tweaks that will help you show better results.

How I set up this blog on Jekyll

Recently, I migrated this blog to Jekyll. If you're interested to see how I set it up, I open sourced the config files on GitHub.

SharePoint Framework - Getting started

While SharePoint Framework has been around for a while now, it could be that you're just starting with it. Here is the easiest way to get going.

Migrating content from Ghost to Jekyll

The first step to migrate my blog from Ghost to Jekyll was to convert the Ghost content to Jekyll. Here is how I did it and the challenges I had along the way.