Always consider the source when doing research

Wow, Andrew Connell has just posted quite a comment on how CMS Watch has been reviewing SharePoint for the last couple of months. I've been following CMS Watch for a few months now and I have to agree with Andrew: there hasn't been a single positive word about SharePoint published by CMS Watch. For customers, who rely on their opinion and report, it might seem that SharePoint is nothing but an experimental CMS.

I have worked with SharePoint WCM for almost two years now and I have to admit: it's not perfect but I'm definitely charmed by its flexibility. It ships with rich set of functionality, but you can extend it even further by leveraging the application platform SharePoint 2007 is.

Just as Andrew mentioned: SharePoint is not a "one size fits all", butch which Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) is? Imtech ICT Velocity - the company I work for, delivers solutions based on another ECMS as well (I've worked half year with it), so I can do a comparison by simply talking to my colleagues. None of the both products is better: they are simply different and each of them is the best choice depending on the business case. Personally I think that SharePoint 2007 is a great and powerful CMS and there are a lot of sites on the Internet which can prove that.

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