#26 Bring your web apps to where your users are

#26 Bring your web apps to where your users are

Overnight, from a tool used to facilitate online meetings, Teams became the beating heart of their business.

Today, over 115 million users work with Teams every day. And did you know, that you could help them work more effectively? Hear me out.

We all use many different apps in our work. Some for communication, other for collaboration, and then we have line of business apps with business-critical insights and data. Microsoft Teams allows you to bring these apps together to where people are. No more fiddling with bookmarks, multiple windows, and switching context. By bringing your apps to Teams, you help people work more effectively.

Here are three tips on how to start:

  1. Support work accounts: if your app doesn't do it yet, update it to allow users to sign in using their work account
  2. Bring your app to where your users are: embed it in Microsoft Teams as a tab with Single-Sign-On
  3. Use the integration options by making your tab app full-screen and use the app button events

Your users will thank you, believe me.

PS. If you want to see this in action, my team organizes a live stream on December 16 about building apps for Teams. Join us and let's learn building apps for Teams together