Build better solutions on the SharePoint Framework - Rencore webinar recap, recording and Q&A

Recently I had the honor of co-presenting a webinar with Andrew Connell about the new SharePoint Framework. Here is the recording and answers to the questions asked during the webinar.

SharePoint Framework - a new powerful SharePoint development model

SharePoint Framework is a new model for building SharePoint customizations. Leveraging web stack development techniques, the SharePoint Framework allows web developers on all platforms to build rich solutions for the SharePoint platform.

Learn building better client-side web parts with the SharePoint Framework

SharePoint Framework has reached general availability just recently. While web developers have been building solutions on the web stack for quite some time, the toolchain and the process are rather new to SharePoint developers.

To help you fully benefit of the new SharePoint Framework, Rencore - the company behind SPCAF, recently organized a free webinar where fellow MVP and a good friend - Andrew Connell of Voitanos and I shared some practical tips and tricks that simplify building SharePoint Framework solutions.

Rencore webinar cover

In our presentations, we walked through the basics of scaffolding SharePoint Framework projects, extending client-side web parts with custom properties, correctly adding dependencies and the considerations, that you should take into account so that your solutions are well-performing and secure.

If you’re new to the SharePoint Framework, it might all seem like a lot to take into account. To help you reduce risks and increase the ROI of the SharePoint Framework solutions for your organizations, we at Rencore extended SPCAF with support for SharePoint Framework. With SPCAF you will find any issues, that your solution might have in a matter of seconds without costly code reviews. No matter if it’s a bug preventing your project from building or a security violation that’s against your organization’s policies, SPCAF will not only report it, but will also help you solve it.

SPCAF showing issues in a SharePoint Framework solution

If you’re researching the new SharePoint Framework, I would highly recommend that you try SPCAF and experience the benefits of using it yourself.

The webinar

We had a very nice attendance and got quite a few questions during the webinar. While we weren’t able to reply to all of them live during the webinar, we took the time to answer all of them directly after. You can find both the recording of the webinar, as well as the questions and answers on the Rencore website at

It’s been a true pleasure to co-present the webinar with Andrew and I would once again like to thank him for being a part of it.

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