#4 Build it and they will come

#4 Build it and they will come

No matter if it’s a product, platform, framework or some other piece of tech, if you think that if you just build it people will come, I’m sorry to break it for you: you’re wrong.

To you, it makes perfect sense. It’s better/faster/cooler/simpler/has more features/can handle the scale. It’s a no-brainer that everyone should use it. It’s stupid not to use it.

And yet, somehow others don’t share your enthusiasm. Looking at your solution, others are nowhere near as thrilled as you are. They clearly don’t get it. Or do they?

Building something is never the solution. It’s just one step towards it. Whatever you have to offer, it brings change and people hate change. Unless you make them a part of it. Unless you help them understand why it’s needed and what role they plan it.

People support what they help make. So next time you want to make something, before you start coding away, ask yourself: who needs to be on board so that your effort isn’t a waste of time.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash