Case Study: Mavention and Web Content Management in SharePoint 2013

For the past few months we’ve been working here at Mavention on building our new website on the SharePoint 2013 platform. Recently a case study describing our work has been published by Microsoft.

SharePoint 2013 contains many new and improved capabilities for building public-facing websites. Not only it closes the gaps from the previous versions of SharePoint but it also introduces new concepts, such as Cross-Site Publishing that allow you to build truly dynamic websites.

For the last few months we’ve been working on redesigning our website and trying make the best use of the new Web Content Management capabilities provided with the newest version of SharePoint. You can see the result of our work live on and

To give you a better understanding of our work and how we leveraged the new WCM features, Microsoft has published a 24-pages case study. This extensive paper describes on a functional level which of the new SharePoint 2013 capabilities for building public-facing websites we have used and how we incorporated them in our website.

The Mavention and Web Content Management in SharePoint 2013 case study is available on TechNet as well as a downloadable document in the Microsoft Download Center. I have also published some additional in-depth information already on this blog and will be publishing some more details soon.

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